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TITLE: Clocks
ARTIST: String Quartet
ALBUM: The String Quartet Tribute to Coldplay
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Disney Princesses… ish.

(( Continuation of my Disney Prince Series, but this time with the “ladies” XD.  As for names:

Row I: Charm, Joan, Philippa.

Row II: Aliah, Adalyn, Erica.

Row III: Harmonia, Phoibe, Navya.))

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ALBUM: Rocky Horror Picture Show
PLAYED: 14,393 times
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Image manip from; everyone talks about how Lady Gaga is their headcanon Cronus, so here’s MANiCURE pitched down to sound like him, to the best of my ability

god bless

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Hi, this is a message from the admin which isn’t what I usually post, but I wanted to share it with you guys and I’m doing this little intro just to confirm that this isn’t spam!

Now, I am as skeptical as they come. But I heard about this app from a friend and waited it out to see how it treated them (so to speak) before jumping on the wagon.

The premise is nothing but promising: 

Free giftcards, amazon and paypal money just for downloading an app

- Immediately I was a little suspicious, but after a few days someone I was following had made about $100 (interchangeable to whatever currency you use, and they had proof), just from trying apps! After that, I saw no harm in playing along to at least see if I’d get anything out of downloading the app and getting a little extra pocket money. So far, everything is going swimmingly!

So if you want to give it a go and get rewards such as money and giftcard in your free time, the App is call Feature Points, it’s available for android, iphones and ipads. The logo is a circle with FP in it, and it’s two shades of blue.

If you use this referral code: Z4FRRB

(or click this link if it’s easier:

 You will get an extra 50 points upon joining!

It’s really that simple, you download the app, it offers you points for watching ads and downloading other apps- and before you think you’ll just be downloading app after app and wasting time, let me break it down. Some of the game apps are genuinely really fun and addictive, and getting points is just a bonus- it also sheds light on some really innovative and simple apps that you probably wouldn’t have noticed before. Some of the apps are ones you probably already have- so why not  cash in on them and get something?!

Also, they’ve got a competition going on to win a PS4- imagine that. All you have to do is download a free app and you’re in with a shot of winning a new console

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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

I love this so fucking much

Everyone needs to watch the video because it’s so much better than this gif set.


This has me in tears, sometimes I do feel unlucky not to have a father

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whether the answer is yes or no, or a mix of the both, i wanted to remind you that you’re great. here is some stuff that i thought might be helpful if you ever feel down or bored or just wanna try something new!!

playlists // don’t be down / happy, happy, happy / cheer up!! / feeling down? / upbeat / for when you’re feeling sad.. / be happy! / songs to listen to when you are feeling sad. / anxiety/panic attacks / dashboard session / nostalgic. / it’s okay, not be okay. / anxiety’s lullaby / don’t be sad / songs that make you feel better / hey man, it’ll be okay. / note to self. / forget about it / baby don’t cut 

cheering up // emergency compliment!! paying for people’s groceries / random acts of kindness caught on film / free hugs experiment / tipping servers $200 / little acts of kindness / 27 videos that will make you happy / givesmehope / textpost blog!! / the everything post / repeat after me. / feel like you lost something? / you are not alone. / just listen to this / cute yahoo answers / nail art tuts / bad x-factor auditions / need a hug?  / you can do anything 

cool stuff // music thing / how to lucid dream!! / teach yourself guitar (wow) / learn a new language / creepy websites / the color game / make a mind palace / explore the world / make a temporary tattoo! / musical sea creature // babies experiencing things / 7 day positive challengeif you forgot how beautiful the world is / draw a nebula / watch documentaries / sugar cookies recipe / 100 things to do / anasomnia / kawaii emotions / 100+ games / make your own font

depression // how to love yourselfalternatives to self harm / what am i feeling? / if you feel like crap / dealing with depression / let go of your past. / what is depression?depression & cutting/things to do instead of cutting / alternatives to self harm / the cure to sadness! (in under 3 minutes) / things to do when you’re sad  / feel good 101: depressionstop cutting, create instead

anxiety/stress // soundrown / build stuff with sand / rainymood / chill out / zen garden / managing stress / social anxiety tips / PTSD forums / anti-anxiety masterpost / a place to think / calming manatee / the dawn room / 100,000 stars / types of anxiety disorders / anxiety attack tips / anti-anxiety foods / using a thought diary / panic attacks & anxiety /

eating disorders // bloating in recovery  / why you must eat / what is ED recovery? / learning to love your body / how to eat a fear food / helping someone with an eating disorder / 281 reasons to recover /

asking for help // telling people how you’re feeling / how do i tell someone when im afraid? /  how to ask for helpanxiety forums

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no, this wasn’t supposed to happen. i have an exam tomorrowwww [100% based on this]

ok goodnight

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They took 4 women off the streets and made them cover models.

Definitely an interesting take on all those photoshop videos out there.

I like this one a lot.


Oh my gosh, watch this. Do it.

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introducing no more ramen, a blog full of recipes for folks with little time and even less money! the aim of this blog is to provide a safe and easy to navigate space for folks looking to eat well without a lot of energy or money. we hope to especially provide support for people dealing with chronic health issues and dietary restrictions.

we happily accept submissions, and additionally hope to provide a place for folks to discuss how ableism, classism, and privilege in general tie into the foods we eat. please signal boost and help us get up and running! <3

i did it, y’all! i made the food blog! please share and please please submit your recipes! ^-^

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3dmg is great for practising impossibly cool poses

so I actually finished this set of 104ths in as many different ridiculous poses I could fit in a square but I cannot for the life of god format this in a way that’s not dumb so please excuse this post













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The first click and drag game I made got a nice ass amount of notes, so I made a second one! Except in this one, you’re in the Special Ops Squad! [I had a bonus for if you were deceased, if you want to see it, shoot me a message!]

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I love these kind of useful beauty tips/images, they can be so helpful at times.

where have those been all my life?

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Erwin Levi Mike Nile and their hairstyles *,*

(young Erwin > all! )

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This post is just a little something I put together to help you guys with Photoshop. This contains tutorials to help people just beginning with Photoshop, however if you don’t know the tutorials above then this should help you too. If you learn anything from this than my work paid off! If you want more of these make sure to follow me, as I’m going to post more to ensure 2014 is a quality Photoshop year! -  Samuel.

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